Pulse Style: Ragas Report: Shop Talk: Conception

When Michele Malin Seidman was pregnant with her son, Jared, she was constantly fielding questions: “What are you having?” “When are you due?” This sparked an idea for the 37-year-old publicist: a line of chic maternity t-shirts with answers to the most commonly asked questions (BOY; DUE IN AUGUST). Capitalizing on the growing “mothers-as-entrepreneurs” trend, she joined forces with her sister-in-law, D.C.-based Pamela Hillman, and graphic designer Marlo Hall Stern to form Conception, a company that manufactures the Dueandsprout line of tees, as well as a future “baby basics” kit. Launched last August, the shirts — they retail for $52 to $60 — are sold in more than 30 stores across the country. “Being pregnant doesn’t mean sacrificing style,” says Seidman. This spring, the trio will add some new phrases to their shirt fronts: HORMONAL, NO NAME YET, and ASK, THEN TOUCH, for overeager strangers who can’t resist the urge to pat a swollen belly. 

Available at Belly Maternity, 1600 Pine Street, 215-985-1169, and Oh Baby! Maternity, 109 North High Street, West Chester, 610-918-4655; dueandsprout.com