Pulse Style: Personal Best: Pam Ferber

Back when she was Pam Seigle from Pittsburgh dating Ken Ferber from Philadelphia, books, not pelts, were her thing. But there were signs, even then, that the artsy lit major could become head designer of the 125-year-old family business, Jacques Ferber Furs. Preparing to meet Ken’s parents for the first time and having “zero money,” Pam bought a few yards of fabric and stitched up “mufflers with pockets — and antique buttons” as gifts. Twenty-six years and four daughters later, Mme. Ferber, who runs the store’s Ardmore location, is finding the current enthusiasm for fox stoles and ribbon-tied capelets “invigorating.” But for this cool customer, the luxe stuff is merely an accessory to living well. Her favorite fur? The knitted beaver vest she likes to throw on while cooking pancakes in her old farmhouse.

Winter must-haves: Fur blankets (on every bed!) and throws. “But it’s not like it’s Gunga Din when you walk in.”
Favorite dog (of three): Smooth-coated fox terrier Rai. ­“Elegant, smart, and she watches me do laundry.”
Prized possession: French dining table.
Runner-up: Elliptical trainer. “The kids aren’t allowed to watch TV unless they’re on it.”
Kitchen essential: “Huge” enamel pot for cooking stew, chili and soups for a household of six, plus regular guests.

Go-to shoes: Paul Green.
Favorite shirts: Tory Burch.
Suit requirements: Fabric with stretch. “I’m always pinning things or groveling at hemlines. I love all that knotty [tweed] stuff, but it would last two seconds with my job.”
Coats (limited to this year’s two favorites): Side-slit shearling with Russian sable collar and cuffs, and micro-shear mink column with raw edges.
Hat: “Big goofy duck hunter/trooper hat with flaps.”

Perfume: Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue. “I smelled it on a New Zealander on a plane, and on a woman in Turkey. I could drink it.”
Skin care: MD Forte (available through dermatologists). “I use their creams and cleanser. I have to repair damage from being outside so much.”
Makeup: Prescriptives. “But I’m not about makeup.”
Hair salon: “Wherever. But they better be fast.”