Pulse: 60-Second Critic: TV: The Return of John Bolaris

John Bolaris’s meteo-return to Philly earlier this year was hyped as the Second Coming: We saw silly promotions on Fox 29 and boldface cameos in Dan Gross, and friends spoke of Bolaris  “sightings.” The buildup was bigger than the potential of his 2001 “Storm of the Century.” But like the storm, all the excitement was for naught. Let’s face it: Comebacks are difficult. Maybe his past on-air dynamic with Larry Mendte and Renee Chenault­Fattah can’t be rivaled. Maybe the freak show that was the Alycia Lane departure stole some of his — wait for it — thunder. Whatever it is, Bolaris’s charisma just isn’t quite the same anymore. His forecasts may be accurate, but he doesn’t seem as hunky and glamorous as in the old days.  C-