Good Life: Homegrown: Style Sticks

Parisian shelter boutiques are selling out of them. Londoners are doing up flats with them. Copenhagen design houses are practically producing them by the cargo container. And in Philadelphia? Well, Foster’s offers a pretty ­selection. Wall decals, the darlings du jour of the decorating world, have been oddly slow to catch on in these parts. But that’s poised to change. Last year, Delaware County designers Leanne Avellino-Blair and Henry Blair quietly launched Ozwalled, a line of clever, durable, semi-permanent stickers that resemble elegant brocades (pictured here), swirling bull’s-eyes, preppy plaid silhouettes, retro airplanes — even, if you can believe it, ­colorful bar codes (a refreshingly chic take on tired wallpaper borders). The ­stickers’ colors are customizable, as are their finishes: translucent or opaque, shiny or matte, reapplicable or ­removable, brushed chrome or 22-karat gold. Take that, ­Denmark.