Pulse: Out and About: Must-See: Big Daddy Does Drama

After his 4,000-plus comedy shows, Big Daddy Graham (left) might shock his fans — or make them ecstatic — with his turn this month as a dramatic actor. Produced by Theatre Exile, Last Call … Remembering My Father is the WIP host and Keswick Theatre regular’s one-man adaptation of his memoir of the same name. Graham explores the tense relationship he had with his father, a World War II veteran who, like many such soldiers, returned from the war bitter and reclusive. “It’s the story of a man nobody should have any interest in,” explains Graham. “And yet it connects with so many people.” With consultation by Philly playwright Bruce Graham (The Philly Fan) and creative input from director Joe Canuso, Graham promises a heartwarming performance strewn with intimate memories and a powerful twist that speaks to parents and their offspring everywhere. — B.M.