Health: Late-Night Lotus

Forget the bars and hit the mat ’til midnight

This Friday, while everyone else is either at home on the couch or tossing back yet another drink they’ll regret come morning, you can be stretching, toning and totally de-stressing from the workweek at Philly’s first-ever midnight yoga class.

“I started the Midnight Yoga Event because I noticed there wasn’t much in Center City for yoga lovers to do on Friday night, besides the usual bar, movie, restaurant stuff,” says Jessica Pagan, who moved to Philly from Manhattan six months ago, shortly after receiving her yoga teacher training at New York Yoga. “I think it’s a fun option for couples, for a girls’ night out, or for someone who wants to do something healthy on Friday night and feel great the next day.”

So grab a towel, a friend and hit the mat from 10 p.m. to 12 a.m. There’ll be candles, there will be relaxing music. Oh, did I mention this means you can totally sleep in the next day, too? Seeing that you’ll technically be finishing class on Saturday, it’s like you’ve already worked out for the day! So roll out of bed late and delight in a perfectly wonderful "I already got my workout in" cup of coffee as not-so-in-the-know joggers pass you by.


Aikido, 2100 Chestnut St., 2nd Fl.; Drop-ins are welcome, but reservations suggested. Call 212-201-9483 to reserve a spot. This first event is $12 and will be $15 for all following Friday nights.