The Biggest Winner

I love watching The Biggest Loser because everyone wins (and Beauty and the Geek, for that matter). And while a new season is already in full swing, I was happy to see Season Four and Philly native Nicole Michalik one last time on the December 18th finale. Okay, so she technically didn’t win, but feisty Nicole had lost an unbelievable 40 pounds in three months. Amazing. But back in cold Philly, Nicole was really missing the personal attention she got from the TV trainer and wound up finding something similar at Center City’s Fusion (and Best of Philly 2007 winner).

Owner Gavin McKay’s fitness philosophy was already Biggest Loser-esque: He concentrates on a mix of cardio, strength and flexibility in every workout and offers nutritional counseling. Nicole and Gavin have been such a successful duo that they are holding their own Biggest Burner contest at Fusion. (Which, steadfast Gavin reminds us, is sure to help with the 7 pounds that the average American puts on during the holiday season.) Here’s the deal: In the 12-week contest (starts January 19th), contestants will be split into teams and Nicole will host weekly weigh-ins and monthly body composition testing to determine who has lost the biggest percentage of body fat (not just pure poundage). It’s free for members and only $25 for non-members, although signing-up for their 3-month Winter Boot Camp (starts on the same day) for $325 gets you unlimited group training and nutritional help. Prizes include things like unlimited Fusion membership, Lululemon workout gear, massage and acupuncture treatments and more. Come on, everyone wins!

Fusion Fitness, 105 S. 12th St., Mezzanine (entrance on Sansom St.), 215-733-0633,