Pulse: 60-Second Critic: Exhibit: “Identity: An Exhibition of You”

Why you should visit The Franklin Institute’s "Identity: An Exhibit of You."

The Franklin Institute has filled the gap in between its heavy-hitting traveling shows — previously the Tut exhibit, the soon-to-come Star Wars (sci-fi geeks unite!) — with an easy-to-digest exploration of how physical, psychological and social elements shape identity. The exhibit’s biggest strength is in packaging knowledge in a fun structure. The physical section offers interactive fingerprinting and face symmetry stations, while the psychological component allows you to determine the type of person you are based on your responses to musical, visual and olfactory stimuli. (The social section is long-winded and suffers by comparison.) A good learning experience for the kids, though a bit less blockbuster than the Institute’s usual fare. B

The Franklin Institute, through April 20th