Good Life: Runway Report: Got Legs?

Karen Pecarsky, owner and instructor at Urbanfront Pilates, says the secret to sculpting quads, hamstrings, calves and glutes is to work on the Reformer or Wunda Chair apparatuses in private or duet sessions. As a complement, she recommends a Pilates Tower Class, where you’ll use leg springs to do “frog legs,” leg circles, scissors and bicycles.

1700 Sansom Street, suite 200, 215-564-4410,

At Fusion, the year-old brainchild of Gavin McKay, you’ll be pushed through hour-long classes mixing yoga, strength training and cardio — a fail-proof formula for working your legs. McKay offers two free trial sessions, but says that really, the proof is in the practitioners: “How many runners and cyclists have you seen with flabby legs?” Touché.

105 South 12th Street, entrance on Sansom, 215-733-0633,