Good Life: Homegrown: Wrap Artists

We’ve found some of the most beautiful scarves — right here in Philadelphia

Some of the most beautiful, changeable wool, satin and textured scarves come from a converted artist’s loft in South Philadelphia. Last year, designer Maren Reese and her late partner, Robert Matunda, came up with two kinds of woven wraps — and the couple couldn’t make either fast enough. The first style includes a drawstring with a toggle: Cinch the string, and the scarf becomes an organic, geometric ruffle. Let the string out, and the scarf stays flat, perfect for turning into a belt, a bolero for a dress, or a traditional neck wrap. The second style is simpler — just a reversible hood that extends into two long, flat ends. “You can wear it in the wintertime and it doesn’t mess up your hair,” says Reese. The designs are simple, smart, unerringly of-the-moment, and flying off the racks. $66-$350.

Available at Closet Fever, Conspiracy Showroom and Echo Chic;