Home: Test Run: Lending a Hand

There exists a certain breed of blender whose small motor gains extra power from your strong arm. The Cuisinart Cordless Rechargeable Hand Blender ($49.95, the Kitchen Shoppe, Carlisle 717-243-0906) is a step up from a whisk, but portable enough for quick jobs. It comes with a measuring/mixing cup big enough to fit the end of the blender, and the requirement that you only use completely crushed ice, never whole cubes.

I decide to make an ice-free smoothie to see how well the blade mixes ingredients together. (There also is a Whipping Attachment — a little white disc — that can be attached for fluffing egg whites and such.) Once the blade is submerged in the ingredients, I turn it on and use a soft up-and-down motion, as per the instructions. In about 10 seconds, I have a lovely mixture, smooth enough to drink. And because this model takes up virtually no counter or cabinet space, and works well for soups and sauces, it’s a worthwhile investment.