Pulse: Buzz June 2006

Buzz loves a good brawl, which is why we’re happy to report that “I’ll kick this guy’s ass!” were the first words uttered by local cosmetic surgeon Sal Calabro when we asked him about a recent dustup with a rival boob-job jockey who challenged his credentials. Calabro, a longtime guest on The Howard Stern Show, phoned in from his Art Museum-area office to defend himself against plastic surgeon Andrew Klapper, who recently declared (in the pages of the New York Post’s Page Six magazine, no less) that Calabro was no “breast expert.” Dr. Sal fired back, calling his new rival “a pimple on the ass of cosmetic surgery,” but now says he feels no need to justify his credentials to “Dr. Krapper” or anyone else: “It was like he said Thomas Edison had no experience in making light bulbs.” … It’s a mixed bag on the whole “Philly: Next Great American Cool Renaissance Sixth Borough of the Future” front these days. Some UK trade magazine called the Travel Trade Gazette has bought into the hype, noting, “Rocky’s hometown has matured from a short-break contender into a confident champion city.” On the other hand, the writer also found we evinced “a gentler approach more akin to Boston,” which doesn’t seem at all like a compliment. … Summertime residents of super-tony Shore town Longport may notice a new neighbor this year: R&B producer Rodney Jerkins, who’s worked with everyone from Destiny’s Child to Mary J. Blige, purchased a home on Beach Terrace from Peter Isen for $4.5 million. No word on whether Beyoncé will come down to chill.