Slices With Style

Takeout pizza
You know the type — it’s somewhere between New York’s floppy, foldable slices and Chicago’s get-lost-in-it deep-dish. Rustica’s crisp crust is sturdy enough to support chicken mole, cilantro and crawfish, pico de gallo and avocado — or just an even layer of heat-blistered mozzarella.
903 North 2nd Street; 215-627-1393.

Brick-oven pizza
. A wood-fired brick oven is the secret to Rembrandt’s crisp, thin-crusted pizza. Best is the margherita pizza, a classic of plum tomatoes, fresh mozzarella rounds and slivered basil atop a slightly charred crust. 741 North 23rd Street, 215-763-2228;

Jonathan’s American Grille
. From pepperoni and cheese to pulled duck and mushrooms, they come straight from the brick oven and are easily enough for two. SEPTA station, West and Greenwood avenues, Jenkintown, 215-885-9000;

Inside-out pizza
Double Decker Pizza.
All the usual ingredients — toppings, cheese, sauce — hide inside the crust. Owner Dimitrios ­Gianneas claims his grandfather created it in the 1970s. A tasty legacy. 29 East Hinckley Avenue, Ridley Park, 610-521-4275; 16 South MacDade Boulevard, Glenolden, 484-494-3939.

Tomato pie Marchiano’s. This is the real deal: spongy dough topped with tomato sauce and a few sprinkles of parmesan cheese. Whatever you do, don’t heat it up. Tomato pie is only eaten cold. 4653 Umbria Street, Manayunk; 215-483-8585.