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Like MySpace, Facebook allows kids to “express” themselves through online profiles. Here, random glimpses of some notable Penn students

Tyler Ritter, Class of ’07
Not only does the son of the late, lovable Three’s Company buffoon John Ritter boast an impressive 500-plus Penn friends; his page also contains more than 200 pics of the handsome psych major, including several from the night he won the title of Big Man On Campus — in a black suspender thong.

Eli Simon, Class of ’10
Heir to an Indiana retail empire, Simon balances his passion for golf with a quote from orator Lil Scrappy: “I got money in the bank, shorty what ya drank?” With only a few photos, the Wharton freshman is clearly too busy “ballin’” (yes, that’s a direct quote, from the “About Me” part of his profile) to post snaps.

Dana Rehnquist, Class of ’09
The page for the granddaughter of the late Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist is about as exciting as, well, William Rehnquist. She lists her majors (political science and history) and all her courses. Not a lot of personality, though she professes love for 24’s Jack Bauer and adds that she “likes to sing the National Anthem.”

Maura Cheeks, Class of ’09
The progeny of Sixers head coach Maurice Cheeks is a Tri-Delta party girl on Facebook and offers this heart-to-heart advice: “Why are you busy looking for Mr. Right, when Mr. Good Enough For Right Now is at the corner bar?” Perhaps Daddy’s emphasized scoring a little too much.