Summer Food: The Tastes of Summer: Stroll the Boards

It may not be the longest stretch of boards in Jersey, but Ocean City’s few planked blocks are a whirlwind eat-on-your-feet extravaganza.

Ice cream
Kohr Brothers (10th Street and the Boardwalk, 609-398-3440, plus four other Boardwalk locations). Soft custard in a dreamy orange-sherbet flavor that can cool you down in an instant, especially when mixed with the smooth vanilla in a cone.

Mack & Manco (12th Street and the Boardwalk, 609-398-0720, and two other Boardwalk locations). Piping hot out of the oven, this thin-crust pie is sweet, cheesy and satisfying.

Funnel cake
Tater’s (6th Street and the Boardwalk; 609-391-2110). A funnel cake bigger than the plate it sits on, with a puffy interior and not too much sugar.

Philly Twist Pretzels (7th Street and the Boardwalk; 609-398-0577). Our favorite pretzel looks more like a long French braid, perfect for tearing and sharing.

Jilly’s (10th Street and the Boardwalk; 609-399-2869). Perfect-every-time, thick-cut, wavy-edged fries with all the condiments you can dream of, from malt vinegar to Old Bay.

Monkey bread
T+M Monkey Bread (9th Street and the Boardwalk; 609-391-0113). Monkey bread looks like a cinnamon bun but is puffier, lighter and sweeter, with nutty undertones.

Steel’s Fudge (10th Street and the Boardwalk; 609-398-2383). Look for unconventional flavors that include raspberry and Rocky Road, complete with marshmallow topping.

Deep-fried Oreos
Ike’s (the Boardwalk between 13th and 14th streets; 609-814-1700). America’s favorite, the Oreo, gets dunked in funnel cake batter, then fried, which gently melts the cream filling.

Illustration by Aaron Meshon.