This Main Line Leather-Goods Brand Has the Perfect Bag for Your Next Vacation

Lance Mobley designs and handcrafts each piece for his Atelier 56 line.

Atelier 56 lance mobley

Atelier 56’s founder, Lance Mobley, at his workbench / Photography by Jillian Guyette

In need of a travel bag for your upcoming summer travels? Consider your search over thanks to Lance Mobley and his Malvern-based leather-goods brand, Atelier 56. His weekender, totes, duffels — and more – are ideal for sleekly schlepping everything on your packing list. Here, he shares his handiwork. 

What I make
A small variety of leather goods for everyday wear and travels.

How it’s done
I use techniques from traditional methods in fine-leather crafting, some of which I learned at Byrum’s Shoe Service in Malvern. I’ve worked here as a cobbler since 2016. Every Atelier 56 piece is designed and handcrafted from start to finish in small batches at our Main Line shop inside Byrum’s. We also purchase our leathers, fabrics and hardware from other small businesses in the U.S.

atelier 56 lance mobley

Mobley hand-stitching with yellow thread

How I began
I always wanted to create a leather bag. Back in 2018, I made my first leather overnight bag. It caught the attention of a family friend, so I created another one as a gift. It was completely hand-stitched. That was my first Atelier 56 product.

My inspiration
Each day at Byrum’s, people bring their high-end designer shoes and bags in for repairs. I study them while I repair them. Very often, the materials and construction are poor. That’s what inspires me to choose better materials and be honest and knowledgeable about what I’m creating.

The latest design
A backpack. Finally!

Atelier 56

A selection from the current Atelier 56 inventory

Tricks of the trade
Each set of handles on our bags is hand-stitched. It’s an 11-step process that takes two hours for a single handle.

What’s next
We are expanding our line of products to include materials other than just leather, such as nylon.

Why locally made
It’s a great conversation to be had. People love supporting small businesses and local artists and creators because they run the economy.

Published as “Baggage Claim” in the August 2023 issue of Philadelphia magazine.