The Top 5 BYOB Restaurants in Bella Vista and Queen Village

Little Fish

746 South 6th Street, Bell Vista

As the name would imply, Little Fish is the BYOB you want to head to for seafood in Bella Vista. The menu changes seasonally, but for winter you can expect dishes like spanish mackerel with asian pear, hamachi with caviar and sunchokes, or Alaskan king crab with golden raisins and miso. The inventive fish dishes are the perfect choice for Fridays during lent– unless, of course, you gave up great BYOBs.


801 East Passyunk Avenue, Queen Village

This Queen Village BYOB is the perfect spot for meat eaters, especially pork lovers. For those of you not in the know, “cochon” means pork in French, and this restaurant makes good on the promise of lots of pork. You can enjoy a crispy Berkshire pork chop or prosciutto wrapped pork tenderloin (yes, that is pork wrapped in pork). Have no fear though, there are a few non-pork options for vegetarians as well.


1009 South 8th Street, Bella Vista
215- 965-8290,

This little french Bella Vista BYOB has been serving up divine French food since 2009. You can dine on rabbit, escargot, and bone marrow along with other french classics that are so authentically prepared that you might forget you’re in Bella Vista and imagine you’re eating along the Seine in a petit Parisian café.


521 Catharine Street, Queen Village

Ulivo is the place or all your Italian BYOB needs in Queen Village. Just next to the Italian Market, this BYOB uses only fresh, seasonal ingredients that will remind of of your time in sunny Tuscany (or, the time you wish you had spent in sunny Tuscany). Dine on tonnarelli with wild boar ragout or broccoli bruschetta for a fresh taste of Italy.


901 Christian St, Bella Vista

Monsu is the charming little Italian BYOB of your dreams. Located smack on the border of Bella Vista and Queen Village, this shoebox-sized BYOB will make you feel like you’re eating dinner in someone’s grandmother’s Italian kitchen. That is, of that grandmother had a knack for preparing octopus and eggs basildict. Make sure to stop by the Italian Market on your way home to take a little bit of Italy with you.

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