Six Boozy Frozen Drinks To Get You Through This Heat Wave and the Rest of the Summer

We don't need to tell you that it's hot, but we do need to tell you where to get the frosty cocktails that will make you forget all about the heat.

Photo by Sara Klein

Dizengoff’s Frozen Lemonana, Center City
Boozy or not, Dizengoff’s rotating flavor of lemonana is the opposite of the heat radiating off the concrete all of us. The classic lemon flavor is not too sweet, with the right amount of tartness to make you definitely want that optional gin addition. The current seasonal option includes the addition of fresh blueberries, which are perfectly ripe right about now.

Wine Garden West’s Frosé, West Philly 
Let’s be real: there are a lot of places where you can get frosé in Philly, but Wine Garden West has a particularly nice outdoor garden (since we won’t be drinking inside anytime soon) and a wide variety of chilly beverages to cool your body and calm your nerves.


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Nunu’s Ever-Changing Alcoholic Slushies, Fishtown 
Frozen drinks aren’t necessarily great as to-go cocktails because … they melt. So you probably want to pick a spot with a pleasant place to sit, and you’ll need to order something to eat as well. Nunu has it all, including furikake cheese fries, which live in that sweet-spot of delicious, junky, carnival food vibes that just hit different in the summer.


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Blue Corn’s Frozen Piña Colada, Italian Market
A great piña colada will transport you to the tropics — it should involve fresh pineapple, coconut milk, and not too much sugar. Blue Corn’s has all those elements, plus you can get excellent tacos.


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Bloomsday Cafe’s Water Ice Prosecco Float, Queen Village 
Bloomsday is partnering with Dre’s Water Ice to bring us a water ice prosecco float, which they’ll serve you in a to-go cup, or you could drink it in the shade of the Headhouse Shambles, which Bloomsday transforms into a magical outdoor dining room in the evenings.


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Honorable Mention: Put Your Lil Pop Shop Popsicle in a Glass of Liquor, University City and Rittenhouse 
Pro tip: Pick up a dozen popsicles from one of Lil Pop Shops stores, store them in your freezer, and then throw them in your freezer. When you’re ready for a cocktail, pour a few ounces of your liquor of choice into a wide glass, dip the popsicle in there and enjoy the perfect dessert-cocktail hybrid with barely any effort.


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