Top Chef: Philly’s Eddie Konrad Says So Long to Kentucky

A few final reflections on the Top Chef experience from our hometown hero.

Eddie Konrad | Screen-cap from Top Chef Episode 5 | Bravo

Well, folks, I’m sure we were all hoping for a much different result from this season of Top Chef. Our little corner of the world in the spotlight again, the whole of Philadelphia rooting for the enigmatic character of Eddie Konrad as protagonist in the now ages-old story of a hero equipped only with knives on his way to slay a dragon named Colicchio…

Perhaps that’s a tad dramatic, but I doubt that I am the only one who feels this season of Top Chef had any drama at all, fabricated or otherwise. And now that our hero has been erased from the narrative, there’s little reason to continue.

So, rather than rehash the winning and losing dishes this week, I wanted to focus on Eddie, who unfortunately was told to pack his knives and go last night. Since the show is still airing, there’s not much he can discuss, but he was gracious enough to offer up some insight on his Top Chef experience.

On living and cooking with the other chefs:

“It was like a chef summer camp. Everyone is just as passionate as you about cooking and everyone has a different skill set, so you learn a lot and these people become great friends. Despite the TV persona, I’m actually very friendly.”

On the challenges:

“Being of Top Chef was hard as shit because under normal circumstances, I’m constantly testing dishes, constantly thinking about them. I pick them apart and put them back together based on technique, seasonality, and locality. I’ve been cooking for 17 years, so I have no problem shopping for 100 people with a $200 budget and a 30-minute time limit, but that’s also something I don’t normally do, and it kind of sucks.”

On his favorite Top Chef moment:

“Definitely winning the Italy trip. I’ve been following Dario for awhile and he’s considered the best in the world at what he does. Nancy Silverton is a goddess, so having them compliment me and then getting a hug from her (which wasn’t on TV) was one of the best moments of my life.”

We’ll miss you on TV, Eddie Money, but we’ll see you around town, either at Laurel, or a Coheed and Cambria show. Oh yeah, and don’t forget to vote for Eddie in the fan favorite contest! Thanks for reading along.

Until next year, unless they fail to cast any Philly cheftestants, or the show gets canceled.