This Art Show at El Compadre Is Highlighting The Workers Behind Your Food

Check out Sara Brown del Pozo's "Serving America" this Friday with free drinks and bites from the much-lauded restaurant.

El Compadre/Facebook | Art by Sara Brown del Pozo

Service workers shape our lives every day: they cook our meals, make our coffee, check us out at the register, and clean up afterwards. Now, one Philly artist is focusing on these workers — many of whom are undocumented immigrants — and the interactions we have with them every day in her latest collection of paintings.

This Friday, February 2nd, El Compadre will host an opening reception for artist Sara Brown del Pozo’s “Serving America,” a collection of paintings that examine the humanity of often-overlooked workers in the service industry. All works on display will be for sale.

“Many people take unintentionally keep daily interactions with those that serve them to a minimum. A ‘hello,’ ‘thank you,’ or small interchange of pleasantries does not allow for most Americans to think deeply about the extensive work and sacrifice that brought their meal to the plate,” Brown del Pozo said in an artist’s statement. “It is my hope that my art begins a conversation and brings light to the injustices that surround our immigration system, specifically as seen in the restaurant industry.”

The evening is co-presented PAUWR, the Popular Alliance for Undocumented Workers’ Rights, which was started by El Compadre owners Cristina Martinez and Benjamin Miller. They’ll be serving complimentary tostadas with bacalao, olives, and pine nuts plus platano chips with gracamole, with free wine, beer, and spiked agua fresca, too.

The reception goes from 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. this Friday.