Get Ready for 2018 With Our Latest 50 Best Restaurants List

Our unequivocal, highly disputed, forever-in-flux ranking of the city’s ultimate restaurants.

Townsend’s Cote de Boeuf | Photo by Jason Varney

Right now, you can eat an entire meal at one of Philadelphia’s absolute-best restaurants for — no joke — $12. One of our top five restaurants? You need a membership to get in. Our #1 is an all-day café — how 2018, right? But these 50 restaurants made the cut because they bring that “it” factor to the Philly dining table: something exciting, or clever, or craveable. They are the places we bring our family and friends, and they are the places we duck into on a weeknight to get away from it all.

Really, they are the places that make us happy, pure and simple. And today, that matters most of all.

This time around, we’ve added four notable additions:

Kanella Grill, Konstantinos Pitsillides’s hyper-casual kebab house in Washington Square West that consistently leaves you wondering why you’re not eating there every single day.

Poi Dog, a fantastic Hawaiian quick-serve owned by Kiki Aranita and Chris Vacca — two talents who’ve made a convincing argument in that even a counter-service operation, if it has heart, deserves our attention.

Kim’s does a fantastic job repping our excellent — and often-overlooked — Korean scene up in North Philly with perfect barbeque (hardwood-charcoal-only), soulful stews, and a banchan spread that keeps you on your toes.

And the CookNSolo crew seem to have achieved the impossible with their Center City luncheonette, Rooster Soup Co., a place that somehow evokes the token comfort and practicality of an old-school neighborhood diner — but in modern digs, with a smart menu and a charitable element so novel (it gives away every cent of its profits to the Broad Street Ministry), it barely seems feasible. But it is — and we’re all the better for it.

Click the link below for the full fifty. Happy eating!

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