Free Lunch Alert: Verts Mediterranean Grill Is Opening Today

Philly’s fast casual scene is already crowded–particularly in and around Center City. But that isn’t stopping new operators from setting up shop and trying to find new ways to get tacos, burgers, noodle bowls salads or falafel into you. These days, though, simply opening isn’t enough. New concepts need to do a little something to try to win your love. Normally, that means free food.

And that’s just what the new Verts Mediterranean Grill is offering today.

Verts (a booming Chipotle-esque pitas-and-bowls operation that started in Austin and is currently expanding through the northeast) is opening today at 1601 Market Street. And to celebrate, they’re offering a free lunch or dinner to anyone who comes in–one full-size entree per person.

So yeah, if you’re in the mood for a braised pork rice bowl with sumac-dusted onions, spiced chickpeas and pickled jalapenos, you’re in luck. The way Verts works is, you choose your base (pita, salad, rice bowl or quinoa bowl), choose from five different proteins, add toppings like carrot slaw, feta or the aforementioned spiced chickpeas (because nothing is better than spiced chickpeas), then any one of eight different sauces–anything from tzatziki or herb vinaigrette to hot harissa. Sides are two different kinds of fries, falafel and a variety of hummus, dips and pita.

And for today, you can check the place out for free. Considering the competitive environment Verts is walking into (Naf Naf right down the street, the street carts on Market and JFK, the new Wawa and everything in Rittenhouse), Verts is going to need whatever edge it can get.

Verts Mediterranean Grill [Official]