Kensington Quarters Launches a Series of Cocktail Pop-Ups

Their first one is this Sunday, January 29.

Kensington Quarters has been in the news quite a bit lately. There was the news that two of their butchers (Heather Thomason and Cecile May) had broken off to form their own butcher shop, Primal Supply. Then word came down that the space was undergoing some restructuring (the closure of the retail butcher’s counter in favor of gaining about a dozen more seats for the restaurant), which was a good idea since the restaurant part of the combination butcher shop / bar / restaurant and classroom had been busy since day one and could occasionally feel a little cramped.

And now, some more news. Starting this Sunday, KQ is beginning a series of cocktail pop-ups in the upstairs loft space. The first one, called “Evergreen,” will be bringing together Palmer Marinelli (ex of the Diving Horse and Pub & Kitchen) and Amy Hartranft (of Wm. Mulherin’s Sons) for a night of $10 cocktails and small plates, all revolving around a central theme.

Here’s the official description of said theme:

Evergreen by Palmer Marinelli and Amy Hartranft

“This month we explore all things Evergreen. This family has long held our attention as a symbol of winter and the holiday season but we underestimate the edibility (and availability) of these stoic figures that were once valued for nutrition, as well. Spruce, Pine, Fir, Juniper. Our aim is to prepare these plants, varying parts of them, in simple yet often overlooked ways and serve them accompanied by other seasonal ingredients in fun and sometimes eccentric plates and drinks.”

Which sounds both comforting and risky at the same time. But my favorite thing about it? All of the drinks are named from a list of names for drunken behavior kept by Ben Franklin. Dig it:

Above The Clouds

Bluecoat Gin. Manzanilla Sherry. Cardamaro. Cocchi Americano. Spruce Tip Vinegar.

Raddled, Ragged, & Raised

Buffalo Trace. Rittenhouse Rye. Cranberry. Burdock. Pine. Smoke.

A Dark Day

Grants Blended Scotch. Sfumato Rabarbaro. Ginger. Lemon. Honey. Yards Tavern Spruce Ale.

Playing Parrot

Flor de Caña 4yr Rum. Cappelletti. Campari. Velvet Falernum. Pineapple. Pine Nut Orgeat. Lime. Rosemary.

They’re also doing some small plates to go along with the drinks. They’ll run you between $6 and $10 and are all working from that same Evergreen theme.

Pine Smoked Duck, Greens, Spruce Vinegar

Fish Crudo, Pickled Spruce Tips

Coniferous Mushroom Hand Pie

Seven Sisters Gouda, Rye Pancake, Cranberry

So this first pop-up is happening on Sunday, January 29, upstairs at KQ, and will run from 7pm ’til midnight. In the future, they’re hoping to do something like this on the last Sunday of every month, each time featuring different cooks/bartenders and a different theme.

I’m kinda looking forward to what they try next.

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