Join the Craftsman Row Saloon Whiskey Club

The "Three Strikes You're Stout" milkshake | Photo by James Narog

The “Three Strikes You’re Stout” milkshake | Photo by James Narog

Joining clubs as an adult kind of sucks. Running clubs? No thanks. Book clubs? I would rather do anything else. Craftsman Row Saloon has a much more appealing option. Their new Whiskey Club might be a little more our speed.

When you order a drink, ask for a Whiskey Club card and start filling it up. With each drink you order, another stamp is added. Prizes get better and better as you complete each card. You can work your way up to complimentary glasses of whiskey, t-shirts, and a personalized glass kept behind the bar for every time you imbibe.

And if you’re looking for another excuse to sip on booze, Craftsman Row is also providing an alcoholic way to cool down this summer with their “adult” milkshakes. The flavors include:

  • Three Strikes You’re Stout (stout, chocolate liqueur, ice cream)
  • Cherry Lee Lewis (cherry vodka, Disaronno, dark chocolate)
  • Salty Dog (Frangelico, vodka, vanilla, chocolate)
  • Bananas Foster the People (banana liqueur, butterscotch, caramel)
  • Java the Hut (espresso, espresso tequila, chocolate liqueur)

For $10 a piece, they’re not the worst way to beat these never ending heat waves. Pair it up with the Whiskey Club card and you’re set to ride out the rest of the summer.

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