The Dirt: Prince Edition

iStock_raspberries-940x540 | julichka

Tomorrow morning you can skip The Morning Papers and Breakfast Can Wait because you’ve got to drive your Little Red Corvette down to the Alphabet St. farmer’s market to pick up some Starfish and Coffee. I know I Could Never Take The Place of Your Man, but if you Take Me With You, I’ll buy you a Raspberry Beret, I mean sorbet, from Jenny & Frank’s Artisan Gelato. Let’s Go Crazy picking out salad greens because Money Don’t Matter 2 Night. Call My Name if we get separated and I’ll meet you by the Mountains of apples still left from last season at Beechwood Orchards. Don’t forget to pick up some Cream to go with your Starfish and Coffee, maple syrup and jam. I’ll bring 7 quarters for the meter because I’m sure you need a ticket like Anotheroverholenyohead. Oh, and don’t forget your umbrella. I hear that the forecast is calling for Purple Rain.

Rhubarb – Dearly beloved, this is a sad week. If you’re going to eat your feelings you might as well eat something as richly hued as the the Purple One himself. It’s not purple, but stalks of bright pink rhubarb are returning to farmer’s markets this week. Look for them at Landisdale Farm at the Clark Park market, Highland Orchards at the Fitler Square market.

Claytonia – Neighborhood Foods farm from Urban Tree Connection has all manner of delicate little greens for sale this week. Amidst the spicy salad mix and baby kale, look for claytonia. The flavor of these juicy little spade-shaped leaves is fresh and a little wild, which is exactly how I hope you’ll feel in advance of a dance party this weekend.

Asparagus – The single greatest harbinger of spring, asparagus has been considered an aphrodisiac by many cultures in history. Vegetally-speaking, I can think of no better tribute to Prince than that. Beechwood Orchards will likely have some at Rittenhouse, Brogue Hydroponics has it at Fitler Square, and you’re sure to find it elsewhere as well.

Raspberry Plants – It’s a little early for the aforementioned raspberry sorbet, but Urban Girls Produce is returning to Clark Park this weekend, bringing a host of baby plants for your garden, including raspberries. In addition, they’ll have lettuces, kale starts, and herbs.

Chives – Fresh onion flavor and fabulous purple blossoms, which are also edible, pick up a fat bunch of chives this weekend from Margerum’s Herbs at Clark Park.