A Sushi Cheesesteak?

Not really, but Zama Tanaka of Zama and CoZara is next in Pat's Steaks guest chef series.

Tonight at 6 p.m., Zama Tanaka, owner of Zama and CoZara, will be at Pat’s King of Steaks for the next Pat’s Guest Chef Series.

Along with Phila Lorn, chef de cuisine of CoZara, and the Pat’s team, Tanaka will cook up a special cheesesteak to benefit PAWS, the non-profit, no-kill animal shelter. The Paws Cheesesteak ($10) will be a red miso marinated ribeye cheesesteak “wit or without” teriyaki caramelized onions, Japanese herbs, wild mushrooms, a choice of wiz or provolone cheese, and Zama hot sauce.

Tanaka will also prepare Okonomiyaki Paws Fries ($6) with Japanese mayo, wasabi furiyake, and katsuboshi.

The chef series goes until 8 p.m., and PAWS will be there with some adoptable animals.

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