Celebrating HAN-ukkah with Han Chiang, Bell’s and Terrapin

Han Dynasty is doing a 12-beer, family style menu to celebrate the holidays.

We’re going to venture a guess here and assume that Chinese dynamo restaurateur Han Chiang is NOT a Jew (in the words of the immortal Adam Sandler). But he’s clearly versed enough in the ways of Christmastime cooking to know the stereotype of the Jew on Christmas: Chinese food and a movie. Well this year, he’s actually preparing a feast for Hanukkah and throwing in some Christmas craft beer for fun.

Tomorrow night, at his Old City location, Chiang is partnering with Matt Satten from Terrapin and Will Pumphrey from Bell’s for a 12-beer, multi-course course HAN-ukkah dinner where he’ll be preparing dishes at his whim and serving them family style. There’s nothing particularly Hanukkah about it (really, what does a Hanukkah feast consist of anyway?) other than he won’t be serving pork or shrimp, and if you’re nice instead of naughty there will be dreidels, prizes and gelt for gambling.

Six beers from each brewery will be poured (including Bell’s Christmas Ale) and you can expect Matt, Will and Han to make this dinner enough fun to last eight days. Reservations are required. $68 including tax and tip.

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