A Cheese Class to Yodel About

Di Bruno Bros. is celebrating the cheeses of the Alps.

di-bruno-cheese-class-400All week, Di Bruno Bros. has been celebrating the cheese of the Alps. Each day a different cheese is being showcased at all Di Bruno Bros. stores. The cheese mongers, or sherpas will guide visitors through the high altitude cheeses of Germany, France and Switzerland.

And even if you’ve missed some of the cheeses so far this week, you can play catch up at Di Bruno’s Alpine Cheese Class on Sunday, November 15th upstairs at the Rittenhouse location (1730 Chestnut Street).

The BYOB class will feature all seven cheeses highlighted during the week plus sweet and savory accompaniments.

The class runs from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and tickets are available online.

The rest of the Alpine cheeses being offered this week.

  • Thursday, November 12:  Emmenthaler, granddaddy to American “Swiss cheese,” a firm, tangy cheese that arrives from Switzerland in wheels up to 200 lbs. in size, paired with La Quercia Prosciutto and artisanal mustard
  • Friday, November 13:  Comté Symphonie, aged at Fort St. Antoine for more than two years for balanced spicy, lactic, fruity, roasted, vegetable and animal notes, paired with Fresh Apple Slices and Fat Toad Farm Caramel
  • Saturday, November 14:  Schnebelhorn, a divinely simple rustic cheese that is aged in a former military fort for up to 24 months, paired with Campari Balsamic Vinegar
  • Sunday, November 15:  Challerhocker, a buttery variation on “Swiss cheese” with vanilla, hazelnut and almond notes and no trace of astringency; the cheese is named for the “cellar-sitters” (challerhockers) who oversee its aging, paired with Blake Hill Andalucian Apricot & Orange Chutney

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