Rob Marzinksy Hosting Polish Feast

Rob Marzinsky at the upcoming Buckminster's

Rob Marzinsky at the upcoming Buckminster’s

Chef Rob Marzinsky is back with another edition of Demo Tapes pop-up. Last week Marzinsky found himself waiting for a friend at Donna’s Bar in Port Richmond. While waiting, he tried to order golumpki but they were out that week, as Donna’s mother couldn’t find the right cabbage. So Marzinsky has taken it upon himself to make golumpki and all the other dishes that go into a proper Polish feast.

On Monday, September 28th, Marzinsky will be hosting DemoTapes 3.0 at Kensington Quarters. Live from Port Richmond will happen upstairs at the Frankford Avenue restaurant with reservations being accepted from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The dinner which will include borscht, pierogi, kielbasy and bean stew and of course golumpki is $65 per person and includes wine, beer, vodka and brandy.

Reservations can be made by emailing

‘Live from Port Richmond’ Dinner

Bread and Butter
black rye, cultured butter, trout roe

fermented beet, apple, soured cream

Fried Cheese
Concord grapes, kasha, herb flowers

Keuka potato, husk cherry chutney, onion broth

Charleston Gold Rice, oxtail, paprikash sauce

Kielbasy & Bean Stew
tomato, smoked sausage, heirloom beans

poppy seed roll, sunchoke ice cream

peach brandy, caraway meringue


Wine, Red and White
Vodka & Brandy
Lager & Porter

Kensington Quarters [Foobooz]