Last Minute Warning: Feastival Tickets Still On Sale

And we've still got a 20% discount code for friends of Foobooz.


Tomorrow night is Feastival–one of the biggest culinary events of the year. Odds are pretty good that if you care about such things, you’ve already got your tickets in hand and are just counting down the hours until tomorrow nights arrival.

But because we know that some of you out there like to put things off until the last minute (an urge we wholeheartedly endorse here at Foobooz World HQ), we would just like to remind you that the last minute has now pretty much come. Tickets are still on sale, but your window of opportunity for using the 20% discount code we told you about last week is rapidly closing…

First, a quick round-up of the details. Feastival is happening tomorrow, Thursday, September 17, at the at the FringeArts headquarters (140 North Columbus Blvd). It starts at 7pm, runs until 10pm, and will feature (among other amusements and diversions) food from something like 80 of the best restaurants in Philly. We’re talking everything from Zahav to Blue Duck, La Divisa to Lo Spiedo, Laurel to Loco Pez. There will also be booze, of course (lots and lots of booze), cocktails from the city’s best drink-slingers, and plenty of oddities to keep you amused. You can get your tickets through the main Feastival website, and you can get 20% off by using the code PhillyMag2015 at checkout.

And that’s…pretty much it. Snacks, cocktails, beautiful people, more snacks. Feastival really is one of the best parties of the year, and if you’re at all interested in making the scene this year, now’s your chance.

Hope to see you all tomorrow night.

Feastival [Official]