Victory For Outdoor Drinking: Uptown Beer Garden Is Open Again

Plus some new features like table service and a bigger bar.


Beer garden triumph; in other words, a win for us all.

It’s everyone’s favorite narrative today: outdoor drinking triumphs over evil. Or licensing laws. Or whatever. The takeaway? You can again get your al fresco drink on at the Uptown Beer Garden at 1735 JFK Boulevard.

Though the Department of Licenses & Inspections shut down Uptown Beer Garden last week, the outdoor drinking spot is back in action tonight, replete with new features. The spot apparently ignored a shutdown order that was issued the day it was opened, bringing about the original close-down.

Reinvigorated from the hiatus, the spot is back in action and now has been rearranged to get your food and drink in hand faster than before: the main bar will now have shorter lines, and there is now an additional bar in the upper courtyard, as well as table service. There’s even more to drink: they’ve added a Firestone Walker Easy Jack to the draft list, and will have Blood Orange and Strawberry Margaritas and new liquor offerings on the list, too. Clearly a little scolding did little more than add some energy to the spot.

And hopefully they’re here to stay as owner Teddy Sourias was quoted saying this will be a place to “drink for the rest of the summer.”

Hours will be Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 5 PM – 10 PM, Wednesday 4 PM – midnight, and Friday and Saturday from 2 PM – midnight.

And just in case the revival of this underdog bar didn’t pull at your heartstrings yet, let me remind you that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society. To disadvantaged furry creatures, people!

This should be a movie.

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