Vice Is Back In Philly With Another “Chef’s Night Out” Video

And this one stars Marc Vetri.

Marc Vetri

Marc Vetri

Marc Vetri starred in this weeks Chef’s Night Out series, over on Vice‘s Munchies channel. The 14-minute video begins with Vetri talking about his rise in the restaurant industry–which began with him working under Wolfgang Puck and finds him, now, owning six restaurants in Philadelphia.

Vetri and executive chef Adam Leonti are in the kitchen at Vetri, eating spaghetti and clams and cooking up fresh spinach gnocchi. Together, they than head over to Morimoto, where Vetri lusts over the handmade sushi at the sushi counter, and calls Morimoto one of his favorite restaurants in the city.

After their sushi stop, Morimoto’s head chef Hiroki Fujiyama joins the party and they all head over to Kanella. That’s when owner and executive chef Konstantinos Pitsillides starts cooking them up mouth-watering dishes like lamb dumplings, grilled octopus and wood pigeon (okay, that last one sounds a little strange, but whatever).

The whole gang walks back over to Vetri where two musicians are waiting. Vetri and Leonti head to the kitchen and whip up fresh tagliatelle pasta in pistachio pesto sauce for the staffers from Morimoto, Kanella and Vetri who have now joined them.

The wine seems to be flowing and Vetri joins in playing the guitar (something he has a history with). The whole video will make you hungry (which is at least partly the point), and envious, too, of these great chef friendships. Even if only for the food.

Check out the whole video below:

Munchies: Chef’s Night Out [Vice]