Marigold Kitchen Is Teasing Their Secret New Year’s Eve Menu

Dinner at Marigold Kitchen is always a surprise. The way ex-chef Rob Halpern ran the menu, it was a constantly evolving spread of amuses and tastings that would sometimes change night to night and table to table. And now, the way new chefs Andrew Kochan and Tim Lanza do things is roughly similar–all tasting menus, no a la carte, just a blindfolded adventure every time you walk through the door.

Except for this New Year’s Eve.

For this one night, the crew are teasing a portion of their New Year’s Eve menu–just three dishes out of the 16 courses they have planned. We know that they’re going to be doing “traditional New Year’s Eve foods and traditions, transformed in whimsical Marigold Kitchen fashion” because that’s what they say they’re going to be doing, and that these foods and traditions will include, in part, champagne, lobster, escargot. Ossetra caviar and clams.

But now we also have a peek at three of the courses they have planned. Check ’em out:

Sneak Peek at Marigold Kitchen’s New Year’s Eve Menu

complementary glass of champagne

Royal Russian Lobster
decadence of caviar, lobster and Russian vodka paired with the comforting notes of borscht and creme fraiche

silky wild mushroom and parmigiano broth accented with gremolata in multiple textures and cured pork

“Clam Chowder”
a playful re-imagination of a classic dish

So that’s three down, 13 to go…

The full 16 courses will run you $100 per person, plus tax and tip (and don’t forget that Marigold is BYO), and there’ll be open seating between 5:30 and 8:30 on New Year’s Eve. Call the restaurant at 215-222-3699 for reservations.

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