Stephen Starr Invents Novel Way to Overpay for Pitcher


A Dandy growler at the Dandelion

Yesterday afternoon we received a press release from Stephen Starr’s PR firm regarding a new offer from the Dandelion. Starr’s attractive English pub is celebrating its fourth anniversary by offering a limited number of growlers for sale.

That intrigued us enough to duck out to figure out if this is any kind of deal. It isn’t. But beer and Starr rarely are. The Dandelion is offering the 32-ounce growler for $5 filled, $8 if you just want the glass. Then you are charged for three 10-ounce pours at regular price to fill it. So a growler gets you about two ounces extra. Many bars that fill growlers will fill your 64-ounce growler for the price of 3 pints, resulting in one free beer per growler. The Youngs Double Chocolate Stout was $10.50 for 32-ounces ($3.50 a ten-ounce pour), $4.50 less than the Yards Grapefruit infused Philadelphia Pale Ale that was $15 for 32-ounces.

Another unconventional requirement of the Dandelion’s growlers is that the staff is requiring guests to at least start drinking the beer in the bar (similar to Pennsylvania’s wine-to-go rules).

But the growler is nice and you can come back and get it refilled for the price of three ten-ounce pours. Not a great deal, but there are just over 100 Dandy Lion growlers available and one might be perfect for gifting, either filled at the Dandelion or elsewhere.

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