What Restaurant Are You Embarrassed To Admit You Haven’t Been To?

9_Vetri_Ashley Catharine Smith

Okay, gastronauts, it’s confession time. It being a Friday and all, we were just sitting around Foobooz World HQ trading stories, and the subject came up of restaurants that we haven’t been to–those places we’ve always meant to try but never quite manage to get to…

As it happens, even for a couple fellas like Art and me who have jobs that involve eating and drinking and generally making gluttons of ourselves, there are still restaurants we’ve managed to miss. The reasons were varied. I, for example, had never been to Tinto until very recently. Why? Because I already really liked pretty much every restaurant that surrounded Tinto, so rarely found myself thinking, “Meh, I’ll just skip out on Il Pittore, Shake Shack, Vernick, Melograno and everything on 18th between Walnut and Chestnut and give Tinto a try.” And even when I did set out with the express purpose of going to Tinto, I still somehow found myself at the bar at Dandelion or eating toast at Vernick instead.

For his part, Art just had his first dinner at Vetri like two weeks ago. Why, being a serious food guy in Philadelphia, had he not put in an appearance in this notoriously expensive dining room earlier? “Because no one ever took me,” he insisted.

We kept going. With all the new restaurants that have opened lately, Art hasn’t yet gotten to Townsend for dinner. And I have somehow contrived to miss eating at all three of the Talula’s restaurants–Garden, Daily and Table. I admit that this is shameful, and I can’t quite figure out how I’ve managed it.

But now we want to know what restaurants you have missed out on. So consider this a safe space, free of judgement, where you can unburden yourselves of your private shames without fear. Now tell us, what restaurants are you ashamed to admit that you haven’t made it to yet?