Bar Rescue Converts Lickety Split into Alleged Pizza and 2nd State

Lickety Split is now 2nd State | Photo via @jkenney1392

Lickety Split is now 2nd State | Photo via @jkenney1392

As we reported earlier, Jon Taffer of the Spike TV show “Bar Rescue” has been in Philadelphia filming new episodes. One of the spots he’s been working on is Lickety Split at 4th and South. Twitter user 00jbk tips us off that the bar has received a fresh coat of paint and two new names, Alleged Bar & Pizza and upstairs, 2nd State Lounge. Also visible in the windows of the second floor, “MIXOLOGY,” and “TAFFER WAS HERE.”

The mixology can’t be a surprise, as anyone who watches the show knows, there’s money to be made in cocktails.

Taffer and his crew were spotted on Friday night in Glenside, at Plush, a restaurant and nightspot on Keswick Avenue.

The grand reveal began around 9 p.m. on Saturday, September 6th.

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