News From The Garces Empire: Rosa Blanca Happy Hour and French Food At Garces Trading Co.

Volver isn’t the only restaurant in the Garces family that’s getting some action these days. Because now we’ve got news coming down about fresh developments at both Garces Trading Co. and Rosa Blanca.

First, on the Cuban front, Rosa Blanca is launching a new Happy Hour program. From 4pm-6pm daily, the kitchen will be offering a menu of their classic Cuban comfort food at reduced prices, plus $6 mojitos and (this is the awesome part) a $9 all-you-can-eat empanada deal. I’m pretty sure I could bankrupt that place all alone just by stuffing my snack-hole full of all-you-can-eat empanadas, but far be it from me to have all the fun. I suggest you all attempt to do the same.

Over at Garces Trading Co., they’re launching a new dinner series that they’re calling their “Seasonal Passport Dinners.” As you can probably guess, this is going to be a rotating menu of foods from different European countries, and they’re launching with one entitled “Springtime In France” on May 20 at 7pm. Each course will feature a different regional specialty (like stinging nettle soup with oysters and tarragon from Central France or lapin a la moutarde from Burgundy) and will come paired with a regionally-appropriate wine or cocktail.

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