Vetri Is Expanding


Vetri (the restaurant) is a lot of things. It’s luxurious, a destination, expensive, one of the finest Italian restaurants in the city (and maybe the country), a reservation to brag about no matter what circles you run in.

But the place is also small. Small enough that the phrase “jewel box” gets tossed around more than a little. But now, according to the Insider, it looks like Vetri is going to be growing.

Klein is reporting that Vetri (the man, along with partner Jeff Benjamin) is going to be taking over the apartment upstairs at 1312 Spruce Street, and is going to be putting the new square footage to a variety of uses–from large-party seating to private dining to event space to family meals and happy hours. And all of that is undeniably good news.

The Insider has the whole story. Check it out below.

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