Happy Birthday Tastykake

TastykakeShelvesTuesday, February 25 is officially being named “Tastykake Day” in Philly because that’s the day that the iconic brand turns 100 years old.

So how is the company celebrating? Well first, there’ll be a centennial ceremony at the Navy Yard bakery attended by a bunch of Tastykake personnel and some city officials. Second, the company is announcing the introduction of a new, limited edition Birthday Kake Cupcake to celebrate 100 years of Tastykakes (even if, these days, Tastykakes is owned by Flowers Foods Inc. out of Thomasville, Georgia). Finally, there’ll be drop-offs of free Tastykakes to 100 different charities and first-responders across the city.

So here’s the perfect excuse to have nothing but Kandycakes and Krimpets for lunch on Tuesday. And if anyone gives you any crap about it, just tell them that they don’t love Philly enough to risk their health and waistline to celebrate a hundred years of awesome junk food in the best way possible–by cramming as much of it into yourself as you can.

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