Barbacoa at Tap Room on 19th Tonight

tap-room-on-19thWe’ve previously told you about the South Philly Barbacoa cart that has been popping up at 8th and Watkins on Sunday mornings. If you’re not a morning, or even afternoon person, you’ve got another chance to try Cristina Martinez’s barbacoa and other tacos tonight at Tap Room on 19th.

Martinez and her husband Benjamin Miller will be selling $3 plates from 6 p.m. till they sell out.

On the menu:

Slow cooked lamb and pancita steamed in maguey leaves. Served with fresh tortillas, consomme

Barbacoa Taco- $3.00
Pancita Taco- $3.00
Consomme $3.00

The food is cash only.

Barbacoa Pop Up [Facebook]