Want Some Flu With Your Fries?

From the Philly mag news division, an expose on the mechanics (and hypocrisy) of House Bill 1807–otherwise known as the Paid Sick Leave Bill. Other-otherwise known as the bill that’s trying to block Philadelphia from offering paid sick leave for restaurant workers. Because, apparently, Republican lawmakers just LOVE it when someone sneezes on their french fries.

If passed it [HB 1807] would end several years of attempts in the Philadelphia City Council to require restaurants to provide paid sick leave to servers who have the sniffles or worse. So far, Mayor Nutter has managed to turn back both attempts at requiring the benefit.

We can discuss the benefits of a paid sick leave requirement some other time — assuming Harrisburg lets us. Instead, it’s useful to look at HB 1807 and point out its deeper meaning: That there are few principles the Republican Party in Pennsylvania holds more dear than screwing over Philadelphia voters.

Here are a couple of supposed core tenets of conservatism the Pennsylvania GOP would violate by passing the bill…

Check out the full story over at phillymag.com to get the nitty-gritty details. And keep in mind how hard lawmakers are fighting for this the next time you have some sniffly server bringing you your cheeseburger at lunch.

The Paid Sick Leave Bill Exposes Republican Hypocrisy [Philly mag]