Celebrating Sukkot With Citron + Rose


We don’t know about you but we think Sukkot might just be the coolest Jewish holiday on the calendar (besides Passover, of course … because what beats a holiday that requires you to drink four glasses of wine to get through family dinner?).

Sukkot is bad-ass because it’s a holiday partially devoted to nature (which sounds a little Pagan if you ask us), and because celebrants get to hang out for a week in a decorated hut made of all natural materials and open to the elements save for a covering of branches, leaves or loose fabrics. We used to have a rabbi friend who was such a Deadhead that his sukkah walls were fashioned from tie-dye wall hangings. But we digress…

The point of this post (and if you’re still with us at this point it’s probably because you either don’t care or you’re too annoyed to stop reading) is to tell you that the kosher restaurant Citron + Rose (formerly run by Philly’s most kickin’ Israeli, Michael Solomonov, now run by chef Karen Nicolas), is catering a two-day Sukkot fe(a)st at Lower Merion Synagogue. On Monday and Tuesday, the temple is partnering with Citron + Rose and its catering arm, Vintage Kosher, to cook a pop-up a la carte dinner from 5:30 to 9 p.m. It’s not sit-down, so you can wander in and pick up some noshes like knockwurst, roasted chicken, braised red cabbage and spiced ginger cookies.

If you prefer, you can bring your own food and eat it under the stars in the sukkah. Singing “It Must Have been the Roses,” is optional.

Sukkot Fest [Lower Merion Synagogue]