Introducing Weckerly’s Ice Cream

If you’ve been hearing all the buzz about University City’s Weckerly’s Ice Cream and wondering whether they’re worth the hype, the answer is yes.

Philadelphia is often regarded as the birthplace of American ice cream, but Weckerly’s brings a classical French twist to the city’s rich tradition. Specializing in French-style custard ice cream (meaning it starts with an egg custard base and finishes richer, smoother and rounder tasting) and dairy free sorbet, Weckerly’s seeks to provide comfort with frozen treats.

Based out of the Green Line Cafe at 43rd and Baltimore, all of the ice cream and sorbet is made from scratch on-site by Weckerly’s founder, former White Dog Cafe pastry chef Jen Satinsky. Drawing from her experience in the farm to table movement, Jen uses local produce and dairy to create her flavors. From Rhubarb Buttermilk Ice Cream Sandwiches and Honey Lavender Bon-bons to scoops of fresh Strawberry sorbet, the Green Line might just be your new summer ice cream destination.

Weckerly’s Ice Cream [Official]