Greatest Hits and What You Missed: Softshells, Ice Cream, Potato Skins, Liquor, Dan Dan Noodles, Lobster Rolls and the Death of Le Bec Fin


It’s a beautiful evening. What are you doing sitting around reading about food when you could be out eating it? But hey, for those of you still stuck at your desks or whatever, here are some of the stories you might’ve missed this week…

Scoop DeVille is Reopening And just in time for ice cream season, too

Potato Skins Now A Permanent Part of the Menu at The Industry You’ll have to read the post to know why this is such a big deal

How Much Wine Does It Take To Float Del Frisco’s? About a million dollar’s worth ought to do it

Big News From Citron & Rose And a new chef is just the beginning

Who Are Philadelphia’s Kitchen Nightmares? In which we shamelessly hop on the Amy’s Baking Company media bandwagon

Free Dan Dan Noodles At Han Dynasty And all it’ll cost you is a parking ticket

Where To Eat Softshell Crabs This Season Yeah, we’re keeping track

Food Trucks and Sidewalk Go-Go Dancing All at the Trestle Inn Tonight

First Bite: Luke’s Lobsters The Lobster God is pleased…

Le Bec Fin is Closing In June Last one out, please turn off the lights