Milkboy Revamps

Hey, remember when we said Milkboy was getting a new chef? Bar food genius Brian Mahon is joining the Milkboy crew, and his first menu was released today.

Milkboy, in my humble opinion, nails it when it comes to the bar business. They serve up one of my favorite whiskey sours in the city. Their menu ranges from breakfast to dinner—all day (including espresso drinks and coffee), they have a music venue upstairs, and a sick indoor/outdoor garage seating arrangement. That’s a cornered market, if you ask me.

Now, though, even the menu seems perfected–as it should be since chef Mahon is in the kitchen. He started with adding more dinner entrées (pappardelle carbonara, herbed panko tuna steak, and duck confit), and he kept it going with a series of new salads and snacks the Jefferson doctors will be sure to love after a long shift tending to the masses in the ER.

They needed good food, so they brought in a vet. They wanted a competitive cocktail program, so bar manager Evan Maffiore keeps it fresh and exciting, right down to the Chartreuse in the Champs-Èlysèes, and the egg white in the aforementioned whiskey sour.

Stop in soon, and stop in particularly on Friday the 26th, when Righteous Felon Jerky Cartel will be in house selling some gourmet beef jerky for $8 a pop.

A cornered market, I say!

New Cocktail Menu
New Food Menu

Milkboy [Official]