Where We’re Eating: Mango Tree Bistro

Philly is a desert when it comes to decent Thai food, but compared to the suburbs, the city comes off like Thai-food Nirvana. Which is why it’s such a pleasure to find those rare suburban places that seem to spring into existence against all odds and survive solely on the backs of those who understand how lucky they are to have a reliable outlet for spicy curry and tom yum soup.

Mango Tree is one of those—a lovely BYO Thai bistro set right off Ridge Pike in the charming commuter suburb of Eagleville. It draws a good lunch crowd, serves a lot of pad Thai and Evil Jungle Princess curry, then quiets considerably after dark. Dining in is nice enough (if a bit lonely during the dinner shift), but the place does a brisk takeout business and offers large portions of consistently good drunken noodles, massamon curry and pineapple fried rice. Provided enough people find it and commit to coming back, Mango Tree could easily (and deservedly) become the go-to Thai spot for the NW suburbs.

Mango Tree
3120 Ridge Pike