Best Of Philly, 2013: Help Wanted

Best of Philly 2013

Okay, yes. August is a VERY long ways away. And yes, it might seem ridiculous to you folks out there in Foobooz Nation that we are already beginning to plot and scheme for the Best of Philly 2013 issue. But hey, this is what we do. And we take this shit very seriously.

So seriously, in fact, that we’ve decided at this early stage to toss out a very open-ended question to you–the fans, the readers, the people who always seem to think we get everything wrong. What we’re asking is this:

Say it was all up to you. Say you had control over this year’s Best of Philly food and restaurants list. What categories would you choose? How would you weigh the balance between Best Pizza–Old-School Neighborhood Pie Joint Division and Best Pizza–Fancy-Pantsy Nouveau Artisan Thin-Crust Division? Would you offer up just one award for Best Food Truck, or multiple (Best Fried Cheese From A Food Truck, Best Burgers From A Food Truck, Best Dessert Truck, Best Taco Truck, Best Taco Truck That Actually Serves Tacos)? What is the one category or the one winner that you’ve always wished to see in Best of Philly but never have?

Right now, we’re taking all suggestions, no matter how goofy, impossible or stupid. So this is your chance, folks. If you’ve ever had the desire to influence the outcome of a Best of Philly list, today is your lucky day. Tell us what we’ve missed in the past, what we need to look at in the future. Reveal to us the hidden gems in your neighborhood that never get any love and tell us all about how you’ve always wanted to see a category for Best Gluten-Free Vegan Bakery For Spelt Addicts. Because we have faith in you people (well, most of you anyway…), I can promise that no good idea will go unappreciated. Or unconsidered.

Or unrewarded. Best suggestion out of the bunch wins a super-awesome, limited edition Foobooz t-shirt. And who knows, maybe the category you suggest will even end up in this year’s 40th Anniversary Best of Philly issue.