Think You Got What It Takes To Triumph At Open Stove?

If so, we’re looking for competitors who think they can work through the stress, the pressure, the heartbreaks and surprises that come from standing up before God and the food nerds and saying, “Yeah, I think I can cook better than that chump over there.”

Exec chefs need not apply (unless you’re interested in one of our Open Stove Masters events), but we’re looking for anyone else, exec sous and below, who thinks they’ve got a chance at surviving in our little culinary Thunderdome. Think that’s you? Maybe take a minute and check out the video after the jump, just to see if you’re really up for it…

For any of you out there who are interested, contact us via email at with “Open Stove” in the subject line. We do one event a month, and try to make interesting match-ups–which means if you’ve got a sacrificial lamb buddy who you think would be just perfect for this, feel free to volunteer them, too.

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