Foobooz TV: Georges Perrier and Al Paris, Cooking (And Cursing) Together

Okay, so quite some time ago (like back in November), there was a rare collaboration dinner that happened at Heirloom. It was the launch of a dinner series that chef Al Paris was doing to celebrate the regions culinary “heirlooms” (get it?), and he started things off with a bang by cooking with none other than Georges Perrier who Paris has known, apparently, since the beginning of time (or at least since the early 90’s, when Paris ran Circa across the street from Le Bec Fin).

Just recently, PR guy, whiskey enthusiast and man-about-town Peter Breslow posted a video of the event. But rather than just showing off the food and the end-product of the two chefs’ collaboration, the camera went into the kitchen and showed the three days of work that went into producing what looked to be a truly remarkable meal.

It’s a pretty long video (about ten minutes), but it’s totally worth watching. Mostly because while all of us have seen Georges Perrier talk and yell and drink and scowl plenty lately, when’s the last time you saw chef Perrier–the man who put Philly on the culinary map–actually cook?

Well he does that here. In addition to yelling, drinking, scowling and smoking a cigar while prepping. Perrier works the line like a champ and generally shows the entire kitchen what’s what. Frankly, it’s worth watching just for the scene where he shows the cooks (and Paris) how to make a proper mussel soup, pulls the chef’s equivalent of a mike-dropper (tossing down his pan and serving spoon), then storms off saying “Now you tell me how fucking good it is…”

Video is after the jump. Bon apetit.

For those of you who couldn’t keep up, here’s the menu that they were all working on.

Amuse Bouche
Tartar of November Oyster — Chopped Farm Egg, American Salmon Caviar

First Course
Mussel Soup Perfumed with Saffron — Lemon Thyme, Shallots, Vermouth, Bay Laurel

Second Course
Scallop and Shrimp Mousse with Maine Lobster — Sea Urchin Cream, Black Morels

Choice of Entrée
Medallion of Venison — Sauce Grand Veneur, Chestnuts, Lardon, Cranberry Compote, Celery Root

Roast Pigeon with Foie Gras — Mushroom Cannelloni, Madiera, Cabbage Confit

Organic Baby Mache — First Pressed Walnut Oil, White Balsamic Vinegar

Sweet Finish
Terrine Glace Grand Marnier — Raspberry Coulis, Fall Fruit, Tuile


Heirloom [Official]