Food to Keep the Neighbors Coming Back at the Mildred

Cristina Perachio is the latest to check out the Mildred on 8th Street in Bella Vista. He comes away impressed with the seasonal fall dishes.

The standout of the meal is the braised chicken and biscuits with herbs and vegetables. Healthy chunks of onion, squash, carrot and celery season the chicken, served hot in a skillet. Though this wasn’t the sort of dish I ate growing up, it nonetheless has that comfort-food feeling to it. The biscuits are light and fluffy; where a lesser preparation could have easily seen them get soggy with chicken juices, here they maintain their flakiness and texture. Likewise, the veggies—all too often lackluster in skillet-prepared dishes, or, alternately, swimming in sauce—are perfectly crisp and flavorful. The high-quality local ingredients are part of that excellence, but technique is the rest; the Mildred simply nails veggies.

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